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Core Mandrel Technology

With our advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to produce and renew steel products that out-perform the competition. The proprietary materials utilized allow the products to be used in very high temperature environments, reduce thermal fatigue and have an increased red hardness. Our composite weld overlay and plating greatly improves the range of applications of mandrels but also its service life is greatly extended. The most significant advantage is the realization of infinitely repeated use of a single mandrel which will greatly reduce a customers’ rolling cost.

Composite Mandrels

Mandrel specification:

  • Diameter: 50—510mm
  • Length: 15000mm maximum

Mandrel Renewal

The high-performance overlay material, developed independently by the company, will be applied to the surface of the mandrel after defects and fatigue layers are removed extending the surface life of the mandrel. 

Main Processes:

Incoming Inspection – Rough Turning – Ultrasonic Testing – Weld Overlay – Heat Treating – Finish Turning – Penetrant Inspection – Polishing – Chrome Plating – Hydrogen Removal – Phosphating – Final Inspection – Shipment

Drill Pipe

The anti-corrosion, wear-resistant and drag-reducing drill pipe produced by our company is suitable for drilling in corrosive environment such as drilling fluid that contains a certain concentration of chloride ions, CO2, and H2S, as well as for horizontal drilling with high drag reduction requirements.  Anti-corrosion and wear-resistant drill pipe is a new type of drill pipe formed by special surface processing technology applied to the  base of existing drill pipe.

Compared with ordinary drill pipe, it has the following characteristics:

  1. Corrosion-Resistance: the corrosion-resistant drill pipes can effectively prevent the corrosion caused by acidic and corrosive media with chloride ions.
  2. Wear-Resistance: the wear-resistant drill pipe is more durable and has a longer working life.
  3. Drag Reduction: provide higher rates of penetration and lowers drilling costs.


Based on usage of traditional casing pipe and the additional needs of our customers, a special casing has been produced using a specific surface technology processing method. Compared to ordinary casing, it has the following additional  characteristics:

  1. Anti-Corrosion: The anti-corrosion alloy deposited on the surface of casing is not porous which can effectively prevent the corrosion by hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. It also has excellent anti-corrosion properties in a environments containing chloride ions.
  2. Wear Resistance: the alloy deposited on the surface of the casing is very durable and protects the casing from wear.
  3. Lower Friction Coefficient: in the same mud environment, the friction coefficient is less than casing that hasn’t been treated with our proprietary coating and therefore the friction between the casing and the borehole wall is less than standard casing. This reduces the running resistance, increases the running depth and prolongs the service life of the casing.
  4. Scale Inhibition: The surface properties of casing treated with the corrosion resistant alloy are different from those of ordinary casing. The electrode potential is different, enabling the prevention of barium, magnesium and calcium scale on the surface.

Bi-Metal Anti-Corrosion Slotted Screens

Compared to common oil pipes with slotted screens, the newly designed pipes have slots with enhanced geometry which provides better overall performance and sand control. They are manufactured with a special surface composite treatment which can be applied according to different customer requirements for anti-corrosion. Compared with typical trapezoidal and funnel-shaped slotted screens used in the oil and gas industry, the new design has been tested for better comprehensive performance, has a lower processing cost, can be used for a wider range of applications, and has a safer, more reliable structure.

Proprietary Coated PDM Rotors

Our company’s proprietary coating can be applied to new or refurbished rotors with a specified thickness determined by the client’s needs.  Our rotors are suitable for drilling in corrosive and harsh drilling environments.  Regardless of if your drilling fluid contains high concentrations of chlorides, CO2, H2S or abrasive cuttings, our rotors can mitigate these challenges.

Welding Services

Our company offers various advanced welding services for new or remanufactured products.

Automated Double Tungsten Electrode Gun Resurfacing Technology

It is mainly used on line pipes that are used in highly corrosive and abrasive environments, especially those utilized in oil and gas pipelines exposed to high sulfur content. The guns overlay anti-corrosion materials on the interior and exterior of the pipes  and fittings which can replace the original material and reduce construction costs. It also overcomes the problem of blistering and peeling of composite layers that aggravates corrosion in mechanical composite pipes.

Vertical Resurfacing Welding

Compared with the traditional TIG resurfacing welding technology, VRW can improve the production efficiency by 2 – 3 times and save a lot of production time.

The horizontal turntable is convenient for clamping workpieces, the SPX infinitely rotates the welding head (no need to consider cable winding), the computerized numerical control routes changes, addressing, start-stop functions so that the resurfacing welding processes are continuously carried out.

Flux-Cored Welding Wire

Our flux-cored wire provides stable performance and can be customized to meet the requirements of the customer with different specifications. Your technical welding performance and efficiency will be greatly improved. 

The flux-cored wire produced by our company has stable performance, strong flexibility, and customization. It can be designed according to customer requirements for various uses (wear resistance, high strength, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, low-temperature resistance, etc.) with different specifications and shapes. The welding technical performance and efficiency will be greatly improved. 

Powder Manufacturing

The pure metal and alloy powders produced by our company are of the highest purity and provide excellent performance. We perform a special inspection which carries out spectrum detection to guarantee a stable chemical composition.